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The Moneytizer is a french company, created in 2014 by Augustin Ory, CEO (Former President and founder of Horyzon Media, sold to PagesJaunes in 2008). His business partner Cyril Clement (Former Development director at Lagardère Publicité) is now COO. The Moneytizer’s goal is to democratize the existing monetizing technologies through a user-friendly platform for publishers.

We developed an algorithm (based on “Header bidding”) which allows us to have more than 50 partners competing for each of your formats. Bidding between partners = not a steady price but a guarantee to have the best revenues for all your formats. Your revenues will then depend on several features:

  • The formats you decide to choose for your website;
  • The price for which our partners will buy your ad impressions during the competition;
  • The season (before Christmas for example, the multiplication of ad campaigns leads to increasing prices because there is more demand);
  • Your visitor’s adblockers. Indeed, a certain % of your visitors use adblockers preventing our formats from being displayed. No ad views = no revenues.

This platform gives websites editors an opportunity to optimize their ad revenues through an all-in-one solution, simplifying the puzzle of all the digital advertising tools people often get lost with. It gathers all the latest technologies in terms of digital advertisement.

The Moneytizer wants to simplify the existing offers. How?

By providing small and average sized websites editors with the necessary tools and formats, which are often inaccessible to them. ( ad tech programming market)
Therefore, the platform is basically the link between advertisers and publishers.
The concept operates with an innovative algorithm, based on a “header bidding” system. It puts in competition a number of advertising partners across the globe, in order to obtain the best possible CPM per format, at a given time.

Therefore, the Moneytizer keeps its promises, by offering the best ad-revenues optimization.

Model: CPM
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Method(s): Paypal, Wire
Payment Frequency: Net 30

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