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Despite being at the forefront of innovation, the Life Sciences sector is slow to embrace online marketing digital technologies. Most life sciences companies seem to adopt a scatter-gun approach to online media with little to no strategic direction other companies have yet to include digital as part of their marketing mix strategy.

As the Life Sciences Gateway to online marketing, the Science Media Group (SMG) was founded to help companies in this sector to embrace online marketing technologies and take advantage of the world of performance marketing.
Science Media Group (SMG) uniquely combines advanced, proprietary online marketing technology and capability with a profound understanding of the biomedical industry and the rest of the life sciences sector. This combination creates our novel approach – Intelligent Bio Marketing.

Whether you are a small startup trying to penetrate the market, or a big pharma company seeking to enhance performance, SMG is the right choice for you.

Model: CPC, CPM
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Method(s): Paypal, Wire
Payment Frequency: Net 30

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