Adsolut Media


Adsolut Media is a Contextual Ad Network partnered with some of the major Ad Exchanges of the industry. The company’s main goal is the constant dynamic development of our programmatic solutions in order to make the relations between advertisers and publisher’s successful and profitable for both sides.Why Adsolut Media?

  • Easy start, instant approve;
  • Near 100% Fill Rate;
  • Innovative Ad Formats;
  • Dedicated Account Specialists;
  • Revenue-boosting ad units.

Our Tracking tool makes sure each ad request is counted. Our Machine learning algorithms help in getting the best CPM by delivering the most suitable ad campaigns.

The analytics dashboard gives you in-depth insights into your overall performance – break down your revenue by eCPM, by app, by country, and more. Export daily, weekly, or monthly reports to track your performance over time.



Model: CPM
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Method(s): Paypal, Wire
Payment Frequency: Net 30

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