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Network is a pop-under ad network which was established with a view of providing high CPM rates for Publisher and providing high conversions for Advertisers. They provide pop-under code for Desktop and Direct Link code for both desktop and mobile, with a view of providing clean ads for publishers. You can pretty much start your campaign with low cost of only 0.10 CPM and $5 budget and it allows advertisers to test the network before adding a huge budget. Publishers can withdraw funds after reaching minimum sum of $20.

Here are some of the terms and condition both the advertiser and publisher must follow.

1. Publisher cannot provide bot traffic if found your website may be blocked.
2. Advertisers are not allowed to run camps that may disturb users.
3. Adult, Guns, Drugs related websites or campaigns are not allowed.
4. The publisher should not click their ads.
5. Being a publisher you must not encourage people to click or view ads.
6. The publishers must not use bots, PTC websites, auto refreshing sites or traffic exchanges to send fake traffic.

Here are some of the features of this ad network provide:

1. Advertisers can start their Campaign on $5 budget with $0.10 CPM
2. Both Publisher and Advertiser has real time stats.
3. Account manager for support of both Publisher and Advertisers.
4. Global Campaigns and Traffic
5. Advertiser can bid according to geo, operating system, category and browser.
6. Timely payments


Model: POPunder, Direct Link

Minimum Payout: $20

Payment Method(s): Paypal, Bitcoins, Etherium, Esewa, Bank Transfer

Payment Frequency: Net 7 (after request)

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