AdCovenant is not just an organization. It’s an ongoing process…a movement to reach the epitome of Transparency and Customer Satisfaction. AdCovenant is synonymous to Innovation. We are a bunch of Innovative Digital Brains with mammoth experience and an eye for betterment of Interactive Advertising space globally. AdCovenant was established in July 2013 with a vision of becoming a global Advertising Operations Management Hub. Our prior experience of serving giants like OMD, WPP and many more enabled us to develop a Digital Sixth Sense which made us revamp our thought process. Accordingly, we realized our true potential and decided to become an independent Digital Advertising Agency that is bound to serve client Advertisers and Publishers ethically.

Digital Advertising industry has no boundaries of country or region. A quality service provider with an innovative approach and client centric structure shall certainly stand apart. This is exactly what coupled with our passion for ethical Digital Advertising environment led to AdCovenant becoming a Global Digital Marketing agency. Improving the state of Digital Marketing by educating marketers of global innovations and unlocking Publisher’s true earning potential with array of Ad Formats in Indian (South Asian) market stands as our biggest priority.

Model: CPM, Video, Mobile
Minimum Payout: $50000
Payment Method(s): Bank transfer, Wire
Payment Frequency: Net 60

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